Milano Zona C Nero

Milano Zona C Nero

I am a floating table 40x40x45 cm that fits everywhere you need. Here I wear my black suits with a bit of blue pop up, but there are plenty of options you can choose from to make me perfect for you.

Why am I called Milano Zona C? Because both my heads are with C form, made in solid iron and I am the strongest one in the family.

Choose the one you like most between our different colours.


    • Dimensions: 40x40x45 cm
    • Top and Bottom Material: fir wood or MDF
    • Cable Material: 1 mm iron line or 1 mm plastic cable
    • 12 cable tie rods to regulate the cables tension
    • 4 adjustable table feet

    Was I not a perfect match as you expected? write to our contact email. We will find a solution that fits you perfectly :)


    Shipping cost are covered in the price. Do not worry, it might takes a few days but we will meet soon!

VAT Included |
Table color : Black
Head Up color
Head Down color